Hello world!

Hi and welcome to Bellas Boho Life.

Writing an ‘about me’ page is extremely difficult. How do you summarise your life in a few paragraphs so here goes….

The word ‘bohemian‘ or ‘boho‘ typically defines someone who is a free spirit, artistic, alternative, irregular, a non-conformist and leading an unconventional lifestyle.

Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that this is definitely not me. My life is the complete opposite. I am part of the Sydney rat race, I hold a 9-5 (more like 7-7) day job. My days are based around routine, regularity, conformity, daily deadlines, always chasing my tail, schedules and stress, l-o-a-d-s of stress and sometimes a little anxiety.  

So why the name ‘Bellas Boho Life‘ I hear you ask? Desperately needing a break from the routine and regularity I have decided that this little space of the internet space will be my own creative and alternative outlet.  I’ve had a feeling of being stuck in a rut for a while now so I have decided that this year I am going to take a walk on the wilder side of life. There has to be more to life than just a 9-5 job! 

Our life is  going through some minor changes at the moment. Our daughter has just started high school (insert stressed face). My BFF who lived a few doors up the road from me has left Sydney with her family for a slower paced life in Canberra. We have seen each other almost daily since our kids were born. We have shared in so many milestones together. Of course I am excited for her but not having her around will take some time adjusting to. Whilst these are only small changes it is a good opportunity for me to take stock of things in general.

My BF and I during one of our foraging expeditions….

Over the last few years I’ve become somewhat complacent about many things, comfortable, laxed, it’s  fair to say that I’ve lost my mojo! My life has become a routine cycle of the same mundane events, so with these small changes on the horizon I feel I have the perfect opportunity to embark on my own creative ‘boho’ adventures, all documented here.

My weekend accessories

But why on a blog? I’ve always been a people person. I am interested in learning from others and hearing about your experiences so if you have stopped by please say hello!

I like to cook, eat, travel, knit and crochet. I am a nostalgic and sentimental person. Autumn 🍂 is my favourite time of the year, you’ll either find me out in a forest foraging for wild mushrooms or at home fermenting. I love gum boots and I have a small collection of them, gum boots help in the rain which is good because I love rain.

With a hectic life in the ‘burbs’ I am interested in getting back to basics, a slower natural lifestyle, knowing where my food comes from, learning about homeopathy and natural remedies. I have recently started meditating and am loving it to bits. I am also considering studying food nutrition and learning yoga. Mid life crisis I hear you ask? No, just a journey of self discovery. 

My family consists of my hubby, our daughter and various fur babies. We live in Sydney on the North Shore. The location is great but I’d really like some space and a big vegetable garden. I’d love to design and build my own home in the bush or woods from recycled materials. Our two favourite shows are Grand Designs and Tiny House. My house would have a massive kitchen where I can entertain. I’d like a rayburn wood stove. Floor to ceiling windows so that I could see the storms rolling in.

A bit of history….

I was born in Poland in the 1970’s so that makes me around 40 (give or take a few years). Like many Poles my parents immigrated to Australia in the early 1980’s, in search of a better life. We settled on the outskirts of Sydney, in the western suburbs where I attended school.

I grew up in a typical Polish household but I never really had a strong connection with my culture, heritage or it’s traditions. My teenage and young adulthood years were spent immersed in convenience with very little interest in food or culture of any sorts. My parents did their very best to ensure that I had a traditional upbringing but growing up in western Sydney in the 80’s wasn’t easy for an immigrant teenager. Like most kids I really just wanted to just fit it. Fast forward many years and I am not only hungry to discover more about my families beautiful culture I am keen to also preserve it in some way to ensure that it is passed on. I look forward to sharing my recipes and stories of my culture with you.

This also isn’t my first blog. A few years ago my BFF and I started Finding Feasts, a blog dedicated to our foodie adventures and wild mushroom picking which we do a lot of in autumn. Please visit it too and if you are interested join us for one of our foraging tours.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.